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  Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)
 AUT also one of the latest method in NDT Industry. AUT can be mainly subcategories as 3 parts
TOFD (Time of Flight Diffraction) method of ultrasonic inspection is a very sensitive and accurate method non destructive testing of welds for defects. TOFD is a computerized system that was invented in the UK in the 1970s for the nuclear industry by Dr. Maurice Silk. The use of TOFD enabled crack sizes to be measured more accurately, so that expensive components could be kept in operation as long as possible with minimal risk of failure.  presently most of the major codes and standards accepted PA as alternative of radiography .

 PA ( Phased array)  is an advanced method of Ultrasonic  that has applications in  industrial NDT, originally pioneered by  Albert Macoyski of Stanford University. When applied to metals the PA image shows a slice (B scan view) that may reveal defects hidden inside a structure or weld. presently most of the major codes and standards accepted PA as alternative of radiography.

 C scan- this method can be used for finding corrosion, wall loss and even cracks from In-service equipments.

Automated Ultrasonic inspection offers many benefits to our client base and is utilized on capital projects for weld inspection( TOFD and Phased array Combined or Indidual), maintenance inspection( C scan, Phased array) turnaround scheduling/planning and shutdown/turnaround/ outage situations. From high speed erosion/corrosion scanning systems using computer controlled ultrasonic scanners and software, highly sensitive AUT systems for accurate identification, location and sizing of defects in weld material and "on-line" inspection of various assets for prioritization in turnaround schedules, phased array ultrasonic inspection used for weld inspection for Power Pipe weld Inspection ( as per code case 181), Vessel Weld Inspection ( as per Code case 2235),Tank weld Inspection ( as per API 650) in lieu of radiography and a variety of other applications, to high speed Time of flight Diffraction, Specialized NDT  Services provides the appropriate ultrasonic inspection solution to your site.

The advantages of the AUT process also include the versatility, speed and coverage  attainable on the test specimens.  Large areas of materials are scanned quickly and  accurately.  Multiple scanner configurations and transducer applications including; angle  beam, straight beam, TOFD and other specialty transducers including Phased Array  may be utilized.  Sophisticated data analysis software is implemented for the resolution,  interpretation and sizing of AUT indications.  Other customer advantages include  in-service examinations, thus eliminating downtime costs by bringing the equipment out  of service and equipment cleaning costs for internal inspections and fitness-for-service  evaluations.  AUT is a non-hazardous procedure which may be performed in conjunction  with other activities.  Access to only one side of test material is required for the  inspection.

Automated Ultrasonic Testing allows our clients to accurately monitor discontinuities over successive inspection intervals, calculate growth rates of discontinuities and plan repair or replacement activities. In addition, AUT supplies highly accurate data as an important tool for implementing Risk Based Inspection Programs, Fitness for Service Analysis and remaining useful life programs.

Specialized NDT Services is capable of conducting AUT Inspection for Pipe weld Inspection from 6” Dia with 7. 11mm thickness and above with our Own Fully Automated Scanner and Technology design Focus and Handy Scan Equipment.

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